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Our Portfolio

AIM-HI leverages its positioning within the scientific and entrepreneurial communities to identify promising startups for investment. We consistently support companies led by best-in-class scientist-entrepreneurs around the globe.

In doing so, we challenge the status quo, in which only a small percentage of such companies ever make it into commercial ventures.

We measure the success of our investments not only in fiscal return, but in patient lives saved.

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Stories From Our Companies

Akrotome Imaging, Inc

Enhancing surgery and diagnostics with unique, cancer-targeted molecular probes to improve outcomes and patients’ quality of life


The world’s first fundraising platform powered by women with a mission to build a global digital donor community and create a powerful impact


Advancing cancer detection and treatment through innovative immunosurveillance technology and platforms

Chimera Bio

Arming CAR-Ts with immunomodulatory payloads to counteract the tumor microenvironment, enabling CAR-T efficacy in solid tumors


Developing next-generation antibody therapies by rapid prototyping and modular design

InterLeukin Combinatorial Therapies (ILCT)

A breakthrough therapy for lethal cancers by deploying novel Cancer Terminator Viruses

InVaMet Therapeutics (IVMT)

Unique target and small molecules to treat different stages of cancer progression

ManaT Bio

A pre-clinical biotech company developing precision immunotherapies targeting the most common cancer-causing mutations

Oncoheroes Biosciences

Discovering, developing, and commercializing more effective and less toxic therapies for pediatric oncology

Privo Technologies

Localized cancer therapy for a more potent and significantly safer treatment

Rasio Therapeutics

Harnessing the power of computational drug design for the identification of novel cancer therapeutics

SciTech Development

A Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Advancing Cancer Treatment Through Safer Drug Delivery

Sporos Bioventures

Developing potential breakthrough therapies for patients with cancer by targeting cancer-specific vulnerabilities & co-dependencies in the tumor microenvironment

Stromatis Pharma

Targeting unique cancer-specific antigens using powerful antibody-drug-conjugates to deliver a lethal blow to cancer


Circulating tumor cells (CTC) diagnostics and therapeutics platform focused on freeing patients from the tyranny of cancer

Tvardi Therapeutics

Developing oral inhibitors of STAT3 as breakthrough therapies for cancer and fibrosis

Window Therapeutics

Discovering and developing transformational therapeutics to address critical unmet patient needs in life-threatening diseases.


Platform biotech pioneering systems biology medicines to prevent, treat and cure cancer

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