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--- An antibody pipeline backed by a platform discovery technology
Company Overview

Innovation: Therapeutics – target stromal stellate cells for the treatment of cancer and fibrotic diseases
Targeted Cancer(s): Not Specified
Leadership: Guy Yachin, Partner & co-Founder; Cohava Gelber, Partner & co-Founder
Stage of Business: Ready to Move into Phase I clinical trial in 2023

Stromatis Bioscience focuses on developing antibodies to unique and unmet targets. It has a portfolio of five IP protected antibodies and a platform technology that effectively generates new proprietary antibodies
The company’s leading drug candidate is CT109 MoAB that targets a key molecule (CD66c) associated with cancer dissemination and disease progression. Furthermore, CT109 targets a novel, patent protected, epitope, ensuring sharp specificity
On top of its antibodies portfolio, Stromatis licensed the rights to the DIAAD platform – a development platform enabling to produce high affinity antibodies to endogenously expressed targets
The lead product CT109 antibody and therapies with CT109 alone, in combination with other drugs or therapies and CT109-based Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs); The major indications planned now are on colorectal and pancreatic cancers
Unmet Medical Need
CT109 has demonstrated promising pre-clinical results in pancreatic, colon and lung cancer models
The company plans to target patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer for its first indication
CRC incidence and mortality rates vary markedly around the world. Globally, CRC is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in males and the second in females, with 1.8 million new cases and almost 861,000 deaths in 2018 (145K and 51K in the USA). Rates are substantially higher in males than in females. About 20% of patients with newly diagnosed colorectal cancer have distant metastases, with most expected to experience relapse post chemotherapy.
If proven efficacious, the use of CT109 in refractory colon cancer patients, has an annual potential of over $150M in the US, and above $600 globally.
Once approved for additional indications, the market potential of CT109 could pass $2.2B.
CT109 targets a novel epitope, demonstrates high affinity, has potential as therapeutics and imaging applications
The DIAAD platform, based on years of development and know-how, has emerged as a unique tool for the identification of novel, cryptic epitopes previously beyond reach and support development of highly effective, proprietary antibody drugs
MoAb37 and MoAb51 (2nd Generation Cancer Specific MoAbs) are proprietary highly specific MoAbs to multiple carcinomas, targeting an obligatory antigen to the tumor and showing high affinity compared to marketed drugs
Novel sFRP2-specific MoAB – a newly developed antibody targeting activated stellate cells and restore quiescence
Asset Profile & Development Plan
CT109 is humanized and is ready for formal pre-clinical studies. The company plans to submit an IND by 4Q/2020, followed by phase I/IIa study in colorectal patients in 2020
Complete proof of concept in animals with the sFRP2-specific antibody by 1Q/2020
Partnering for the development of MoABs 37 & 51 in 2020
Ongoing effort to generate revenues from utilizing the DIAAD platform technology
Maintain the patent portfolio that includes over 12 patents (issued and under review)
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