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Bridging the gap between innovative cancer discoveries and high-impact cancer treatments and STEM technologies

Our Mission

AIM-HI Accelerator Fund is shifting the paradigm for impact investing with charitable giving. Our non-profit funds start-up oncology companies, supporting innovative laboratory breakthroughs that have the potential to save the lives of cancer patients.

Too many scientific breakthroughs are left on the laboratory bench instead of being translated into next-generation cancer treatments. This is largely due to the lack of seed funding for early-stage oncology startups, the so-called “Valley of Death” during which investment is too risky for traditional VCs and pharmaceutical companies.

AIM-HI Accelerator Fund bridges the gap from bench to bedside by providing the funding that others won’t. Moreover, we have inspired a broad network of co-investors who believe in our programs and invest in these early-stage oncology and STEM companies.

Our non-profit is the first of its kind to bring new therapies and diagnostic tools to patients and new STEM technologies, all while generating sustainable revenues for future cancer research and social impact innovation.

Support Our Mission

Together, we can make the next generation of cancer treatments a reality.

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