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Oncology Metaverse

AIM-HI has partnered with NFCR to build a Virtual Conference Center for leaders in oncology around the globe to meet, discuss pertinent issues, and trade knowledge.

Our Oncology Metaverse utilizes cutting-edge technology, including:

  • A smooth livestream and data-secure environment.
  • An interactive 3D lobby, photo gallery, video wall, and networking.
  • A digital lobby that is always available and easy to access.
  • A library filled with valuable content for members of this community, easy to access and explore.
  • A virtual hub for cancer researchers, biotech leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, cancer patients, and advocates.
Annual Conference

We believe that when brilliant leaders are brought into the same space to focus on the same issues, progress happens. That’s why AIM-HI has curated an annual oncology conference in partnership with NFCR. The conference consists of three forums:

Scientific Symposium on
State-of-the-Art Cancer
Research & Future Trends

World-renowned scientific leaders discuss their latest life-saving discoveries and the breakthroughs that continue to change the cancer research landscape.

Forum on Women’s
Leadership in Life Sciences

Topics include the direction of the healthcare industry, the traits that characterize women entrepreneurs, and how young women in STEM can best prepare themselves as leaders.

Investment Forum in Oncology
Startups - Opportunities
and Challenges

Biotech investment veterans exchange opinions on hot topics in oncology and provide advice to start-up companies seeking institutional funding.

We welcome both in-person and virtual attendees, who can participate in conference activities using our Oncology Metaverse platform.

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Together, we can make the next generation of cancer treatments a reality.

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