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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in STEM with Social Impact Funding

AIM-HI is on a mission to transform the non-profit impact investment landscape and break the barriers that hold back women-led STEM innovations. We envision a new paradigm of philanthropy that empowers millions of lives with a powerful Impact and a high-potential upside. We recognize the value of women’s perspective in developing cutting-edge STEM technologies that can solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Women-led companies are not only faster to deliver results, but also generate higher revenues. Yet, they face a huge funding gap, receiving only 3% of VC financing and 1/3 less loans than male-owned companies. This is unacceptable, and we are here to change it!

Our Story

AIM-HI Portfolio Company - AngeLink

The world’s first Social Fintech platform powered by women, open to all.

I especially like the antifraud features of AngeLink. Secondly, I also believe in empowering women who can amplify the impact on family, community, and business. And the third thing is I think this will be a great platform to support some of our research breakthroughs. So, for me, it’s really a win, win, win!”

-Sujuan Ba, Ph.D., AIM-HI CEO & Co-Founder

Why Support AIM-HI

An IRS-Approved Vehicle to Maximize Tax-Deductions & Make Direct Impact Investments in Mission-Based Companies

  • Enables donors, foundations and nonprofits the opportunity to fund social impact, for-profit companies with tax-deductible dollars.
  • Advance charitable mission beyond grant-making.
  • Partner with leading research institutions to support early-stage STEM and social impact entrepreneurs.


  • Income Tax Reduction and Capital Gains Mitigation
  • Minimize Major Tax Event and Estate Tax
  • Unlock Future Financing for Social Initiatives
  • Recycling Philanthropic Capital to Magnify Social Impact
  • Improved Sustainability of Social Enterprises
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