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Women’s Initiatives

Only 2.2 percent of venture capital dollars and less than 15 percent of angel funds go to companies started or led by women in the life sciences industry, according to the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) research.

To meet the needs of this underserved group of entrepreneurs and leaders, AIM-HI launched its Women’s Initiatives programs, which are designed to help advance women scientist-entrepreneurs and create a sustaining impact for cancer patients. We accomplish this through four distinct programs, which aim to build a strong & nurturing community that can curate, accelerate, and elevate women entrepreneurs and leaders in the oncology and STEM field:

Charting the Course

Providing a platform for women role models in the life sciences

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The Beacon Award

Celebrating the successes of woman leaders in oncology

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Women’s Venture Competition

Funding and mentoring female scientist-entrepreneurs

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Supporting Women STEM Entrepreneurs

Creating powerful Impact with high-potential upside

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Support Our Mission

Together, we can make the next generation of cancer treatments a reality.

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