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There are many pathways for women entrepreneurs to become trailblazers in life sciences. The AIM-HI Women’s Initiatives is a comprehensive program designed to help advance women entrepreneurs and women trailblazers in oncology to create sustaining impact for cancer patients through their business ventures worldwide.

AIM-HI wishes to accomplish this mission through three distinct components of the Women’s Initiatives, which aims to build a community that can curate, nurture, and elevate female entrepreneurs. 


Charting the Course
Interviews with Women Mentors


Women’s Venture


The Beacon Award
for Women Leaders in Oncology

Support Women Scientist-Entrepreneurs

More and more ambitious young women enter the field of life sciences intending to start their own company, only to find themselves faced with a much more challenging path than a man in the same position would. The community we are building aims to clear that path and provide a helping hand at every step of the journey. Help us support aspiring women entrepreneurs with a charitable DONATION!

Women’s Initiatives News

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