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Company Overview

Innovation: Detection and treatment of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) via patient liquid biopsies
Targeted Cancer(s): Solid tumors, metastatic disease
Leadership: Founders include world-class clinical and scientific researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital as well as experienced Boston-area biotech executives
Stage of Business: Development stage biotechnology company


TellBio, Inc is a privately held, development stage biotechnology company based in Massachusetts that aspires to revolutionize the detection, monitoring, management and treatment of cancer through its unique and proprietary technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital. TellBio’s vision is to save cancer patients and free them and their families from the tyranny of cancer via both TellDx and TellRx.

The company consists of two platforms: TellDx, the already fully functional diagnostic solution that isolates circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from patient liquid biopsies, and TellRx, a therapeutics platform that aims to generate novel anti-cancer drugs by leveraging the proprietary knowledge derived from the study of CTCs. The combination of these platforms offers TellBio a unique opportunity to provide solutions to detect, monitor, manage and treat cancer via its first-in-class microfluidic diagnostic for detection of CTCs and complimented by its efforts to develop novel therapeutics against CTCs. The TellDx platform is currently employed as a research tool at several centers of excellence around the world.

Unmet Medical Need
  • Detection of cancer development is still in its infancy with very few tests available
  • Monitoring of cancer metastasis is limited to imaging studies when the cancer has already significantly spread
  • Treatment of cancer metastases is still mostly based on the cancer primary site of origin rather than tailored at the metastases specifically
  • Technology allows for collection of intact circulating tumor cells regardless of primary solid tumor compared to other liquid biopsy approaches
  • Synergy between the diagnostic and therapeutic platform
  • Revenue-generating biotechnology company
Asset Profile & Development Plan

Intellectual Property: TellBio diagnostic platform is based on unique, proprietary, and exclusive technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital

Clinical Development Plan: The TellDx platform is a fully functioning solution that is currently available for research use only (RUO) and has already been implemented at select centers of excellence around the world. The TellRx platform is in early-stage development and aims develop to novel therapeutics against CTCs.

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