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Company Overview

Innovation: Therapeutics & drug discovery –  novel biomarkers to repurpose and develop new drugs for pediatric cancer
Targeted Cancer(s): All types of pediatric cancer
Leadership: Ricardo Garcia, Founder & CEO; Cesare Spadoni PhD, MBA, Founder & COO; Marc Goldberg JD, MBA, Founder
Stage of Business: Received Matching Fund


OncoHeroes’ founders share a common passion for curing childhood cancer, having been parents of children who suffered. CEO Ricardo Garcia is a Serial Entrepreneur. Because of his brain tumor survivor son. He founded the Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation. COO Cesare Spadoni. Has deep Scientific Clinical Expertise. His Daughter died of cancer at age 4. He is the Founder of aPODD Childhood Cancer Foundation. Co-founder Marc Goldberg is a Life Science Investor. Co-founder and former president of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. Last but not the least, co-founder Marco Muñoz has experience developing global economic initiatives at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This team has seized the current market momentum in rare disease and is close to closing their first in-license asset deal with Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), which is one of three pillars of their business model. OncoHeroes is a first mover business platform for discovering, developing and commercializing pediatric oncology drugs. They are a strong comparable exit to Y-mAbs, a biotech company that became public in less than 4 years since its creation with just 2 clinical-stage assets for pediatric cancer. Today, Y- mAbs market capital valuation is over $720M.

To learn more about OncoHeroes, click here to visit their company website.

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