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2023 AIM-HI Women’s Venture Competition Announced Six Semi-Finalists

Important Updates! It was our Big Day of the 2023 AIM-HI Women’s Venture Competition this Wednesday. We are thrilled to announce the 6 Semi-Finalists this year, selected from a pool of 71 applications submitted by women-led, early-stage oncology companies from 15 different countries!

Congratulations to these outstanding women entrepreneurs and their companies:

  • Apeximmune Therapeutics | Li-Fen Lee, Ph.D. | Co-Founder & CEO
  • Degron Therapeutics | Lily Zou, Ph.D., MBA | Co-Founder & CEO
  • Delee | Liza Velarde | Co-Founder & CEO
  • March Biosciences |Sarah Hein, Ph.D. | Co-Founder & CEO
  • PDX Pharmaceuticals | Wassana Yantasee, Ph.D., MBA | Founder & CEO
  • SuviCa | Tin Tin Su, Ph.D. | Co-Founder & CSO

We would like to extend our heartful thanks to the selection and judging committee members for their tremendous support of the competition and invaluable contributions to advance women in oncology.

Trying to promote the involvement of women in cancer biotech as entrepreneurs is a great cause, and we want to say thank you to all of our dear supporters for helping advance that cause.

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