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AIM-HI Accelerator Fund Celebrates Yiviva’s Milestone Collaboration With Astrazeneca China, Furthering Technology Platforms For Multiple Cancers

AIM-HI Accelerator Fundis proud to celebrate a significant milestone in the journey of one of its esteemed portfolio companies, Yiviva. A clinical-stage platform biotechnology company, Yiviva has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AstraZeneca China, a multinational biopharmaceutical leader.

AIM-HI was established with a focused goal of supporting bold new ideas in detecting, treating and preventing cancer. So when Yale Professor Yung-Chi Cheng presented his paradigm-shifting approach of applying a systems biology approach to treating cancer and mining ancient botanical medicines for better and effective modern therapies, a vision for a new biotech fusion calling “WE Medicine” – integrating Western clinical science  and Eastern experience-based medicine, we took action.

We have provided early seed funding to progress Dr. Cheng’s new venture, Yiviva. Our funding helped launch Yiviva to develop their plant-based formulas into multi-targeted, cancer-fighting drug candidates.

Over the next four years, AIM-HI continued nurturing this startup’s growth with additional critically needed funding , empowering the company to pursue innovative research initiatives focused on multiple cancers and proceeding with human trials. Our advisors provided critically needed guidance to Yiviva’s management team on executing its unique clinical strategy.

Yiviva has advanced its lead compound YIV-906 into human trials showing early signs it could amplify other cancer therapies’ effects. The clinical study results of  YIV-906 across phase II trials in liver, pancreatic and other cancers, rsuggest it stimulates anti-tumor immunity while protecting normal tissue.

Beyond YIV-906, Yiviva’s pipeline contains multiple first-in-class botanical extracts undergoing preclinical studies or early-phase testing as possible monotherapies or adjuvants to standard chemotherapy, immunotherapy and/or radiation regimens.

AIM-HI’s sustained support and involvement is paying dividends. Yiviva recently inked a major partnership with pharmaceutical leader AstraZeneca to tap into its state-of-the-art facilities and ecosystem in China. This partnership designates global recognition of Yiviva’s pioneering work developing systems biology medicines by extracting and enhancing natural cancer-combating compounds.

For AIM-HI, this progress for Yiviva represents the realization of our mission to accelerate translation of new concepts from lab to patients. Yiviva’s focus on developing innovative medicines for cancer, aligns with AIM-HI’s vision of advancing breakthroughs in cancer research and bringing transformative therapies to patients globally. The collaboration with AstraZeneca China is expected to further Yiviva’s systems biology drug discovery and quality control platforms, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide with a range of cancers.

“The collaboration between Yiviva and AstraZeneca is a significant milestone for AIM-HI and our commitment to advancing breakthrough discoveries in cancer research. Yiviva’s progress exemplifies the potential of strategic investments in propelling our portfolio companies towards multinational collaborations,” said Dr. Sujuan Ba, Presient and CEO of AIM-HI Accelerator Fund.

Peikwen Cheng, CEO of Yiviva, expressed gratitude for AIM-HI’s support, stating, “AIM-HI’s strategic investment has been crucial in advancing our research initiatives. Today’s collaboration with AstraZeneca China signifies a new chapter in our journey, and we are excited about the potential impact on cancer treatment globally.”

About AIM-HI:

AIM-HI, the Accelerating Innovation in Medicine – Health Initiative, is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing breakthrough discoveries in cancer research and accelerating their translation to the clinic. AIM-HI supports strategic investments in portfolio companies with the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment. For more information, please visit

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