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2024 AIM-HI Venture Competition Opportunity for Early-Stage Oncology Companies Worldwide

The AIM-HI Accelerator Fund (AIM-HI) is opening the 2024 Women’s Venture Competition and BRACE Award Venture Competition to early-stage oncology companies worldwide seeking pre-seed, seed, and Series A investments.

Women’s Venture Competition
Partnering with the National Foundation for Cancer Research, AIM-HI lanunched this annual competition in 2020 to empower women scientist-entrepreneurs in oncology to address unmet patient needs. The applying company must have at least one senior leadership woman with an equity stake. Apply Now…

BRACE Award Venture Competition
AIM-HI launched the BRACE (Briding Research from Academia to Cancer Entrepreneurship) Award in collaboration with our partner, the Asian Fund for Cancer Research. This program aims to identify and invest in innovative oncology startups that can make an impact on cancers prevalent in Asian populations. Apply Now…

Benefits of participating in the competition include:

  • Interacting with and receiving valuable feedback from the selection and judging committee members, who are key opinion leaders in the oncology field.
  • Top finalists will be awarded honorariums, recognized with certificates, and considered for further investment, subject to rigorous due diligence conducted by our Investment Committee.
  • The finalist who passes the due diligence process will be eligible to receive investment from AIM-HI and co-investors; the process itself will also help the company assess and refine its IP and strategy, clinical development plan, and position itself well for other investors.
  • The winners will gain recognition and presentation opportunities within the oncology research community, facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities with global cancer experts and investors.

Learn More about the Women’s Venture Competition and the BRACE Award Venture Competition.

Read the press release about the 2023 Venture Competition top winners: March Biosciences and Degron Therapeutics.

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