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Company Overview

Innovation: Women’s Bioentrepreneurship
Targeted Cancer(s): All types
Leadership: Gerry Poirier, CEO & Founder (Visit our website)
Stage of Business: Early stage.

AngeLink is creating the largest socially impactful donor network in the world with a global giving platform to affect real and positive change. We’re taking the brilliance of charitable crowdfunding one step further with safe and secure technology, building a mobile enabled system that supports charitable initiatives around the globe.
The charitable crowdfunding market reached $38 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to over $300 billion by 2025. The industry leader achieved over 50 million donors and has raised over $5 billion in donations.
Unmet Need
The individual social crowdfunding market suffers from a growing problem of misuse of funds and potential donor fraud.
Incumbents in the space have legacy platforms with no validation or verification of individual campaigns.
Existing platforms lack the ability to share overfunded campaign excess among underfunded campaigns.
Only 40% of all charitable crowdfunding campaigns reach 100% of their funding goal, meanwhile other fundraisers far exceed their goals.
Many fundraisers lack the technical skills to promote their campaign or the personal networks with adequate financial resources to support them.
AngeLink solves these problems with patent-pending, innovative technology that enables donors to share funding excess across multiple campaigns.
AngeLink’s platform is protected, safe and secure with a 100% donor guarantee providing 24/7 monitoring and validation.
Our centralized campaign verification provides the highest level of safety with transaction processing through premier partners to ensure donor security.
AngeLink’s trusted network establishes LinkedIn-type donor communities, enhancing user confidence.
Our anti-fraud algorithms flag unusual behavior with a tier based escalation system including background checks and cross database analysis to ensure donor protection.
Our system creates viral sharing, magnifies exposure and broadens campaign visibility to promote repeat giving, donor engagement and outreach maximizing fundraising success.
AngeLink’s proprietary platform gives fundraisers free marketing tools and templates to promote charitable campaigns across multiple social media networks.
Asset Profile and Development Plan
AngeLink proprietary technology is protected by 8 patent pending claims. Our platform is being developed by leading technologists with a track record of success. The company is completing its technology platform and developing beta testing protocols for platform launch.
Complete initial MVP platform development in Q1 2020
Maintain 8 patent claim portfolio and expand patent portfolio protection internationally
Development of beta testing protocols for launch in Q2 2020
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