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Most venture capital funds claim to engage in “active management,” while in fact, doing little more than assuming passive board roles.  AIM-HI Accelerator Program is actively involved in all portfolio companies and engages a careful strategy to de-risk its portfolio.


Providing assistance, via our C-level and founding big pharma executives, in managing each portfolio company’s science and business development strategies, fundraising strategies, and ultimately, positioning for and executing exits.
Providing trial design and trial placement assistance (poor trial design is a leading cause of failure for early-stage oncology companies).
Providing outsourced tax, accounting, and legal (IP) support, as well as a centralized service for R&D tax credit filing (many startups do not file their 10% credit for R&D spending); this will ensure proper protection of AIM-HI investments and operating efficiency, while allowing the leadership team to focus on science, development, and marketing.


A startup’s success depends on many factors and  having the right partners in the ecosystem is such an important factor. AIM-HI provides portfolio companies with vetted Contract Research Organizations (CROs) with the specific expertise to conduct intensive iterative aspects of research and development to pharma standards so that there may not be the need for pharma to repeat experiments. As well, AIM-HI will provide regulatory path guidance from our experience working with the FDA and other Government entities.

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