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2021 Highlights: Thank You for Supporting AIM-HI to Accelerate a Cure!

The year 2021 saw an unprecedented triumph of science as the world witnessed the fastest vaccine development in history. That is the result of decades of investments in basic cancer research. The AIM-HI Accelerator Fund has made decisive progress in advancing cancer innovations, supporting innovative oncology start-ups, and bridging research breakthroughs from bench to patient bedside.

Here are some 2021 highlights to share with you:

  • We launched the inaugural AIM-HI Women’s Venture Competition, and Privo Technologies (Privo) was selected to be the winner to receive $900,000 of investment funding. Privo has now completed a Phase II clinical trial for PRV111, a topical anticancer patch, in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and is preparing for its Phase III study.
  • AIM-HI hosted the Showcase of Portfolio Companies, where the CEOs interacted with the advisors and investors. We are proud to report that most of the portfolio companies at Showcase have attracted additional investments afterward.
  • Partnering with the National Foundation for Cancer Research, we organized a Forum on Investments in Oncology Startups and a Fireside Chat on Women’s Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Mentorship in Life Sciences at the National Press Club, celebrating women entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Our portfolio companies made significant strides in their translational research and development. Tvardi Therapeutics’ lead product has entered a multi-cancer Phase I clinical trial of patients with advanced solid tumors who have failed all lines of therapy. Yiviva continued its Phase IIb liver cancer study internationally.

Please consider making an end-of-year charitable donation to AIM-HI to help advance the translation of cancer drug discoveries. Your generous gift can sustain such progress in 2022 and accelerate critical momentum to save lives!

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