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Together, All of Our Actions Matter!

Every year, people around the world connect on a special day to support and remember the families and individuals affected by cancer. This day is called World Cancer Day, on February 4th.

Over the past two decades, World Cancer Day has transformed into an extraordinary effort, to demonstrate that everyone can play an essential role to end cancer.

As the world continues through the pandemic, the strong sense of unity proves important to cancer patients, who are exposed to even more dangers than usual. NOW, it is time to combine efforts to overcome the deadly diseases.

At the AIM-HI Accelerator Fund, every day is another day to fight against cancer. AIM-HI continues to support innovative oncology start-ups, providing critically needed seed funding and sustainable impact investment, to advance innovative new therapies, diagnostics and cancer prevention tools that can save patients’ lives.

Together, we can lead the way to ending cancer. Please join AIM-HI in our efforts to bridge life-saving oncology innovations through the “Valley of Death”. Donate Today, and together, we can make a difference, because All of Our Actions Matter.

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