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Chih-Kao is an experienced management consultant working with top 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies across more than 50 countries. His consulting approach concentrates in providing evidence-based commercialization strategies to healthcare clients by integrating scientific, clinical knowledge into commercialization. Chih-Kao has assisted companies with their commercial design, operation, business expansion and licensing deals. He also has managed several major pharmaceutical merger and acquisitions.

Prior his consulting career, Chih-Kao did a significant amount of scientific research for EGF-like peptides with Nycomed Pharma AS. Its fundamental concept led to the discovery of the anticoagulant Angiomax (bivalirudin). In addition, Chih-Kao worked on a key development project with Boehringer Mannheim and evaluated pharmacokinetic properties of the anti-fibrinolytic protein, Retavase (BM06.022, recombinant tissue plasminogen activator). He has published more than ten scientific articles based on his pharmaceutical research work.

Chih-Kao is a regular speaker on commercialization and scientific topics in various international conferences. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry summa cum laude from Tamkang University in 1986. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry (Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Physics Program) from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995, and a MBA at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University in 1997.

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