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Making Cancer Patient Clinical Trial Recruitment & Engagement Easier

Are you struggling to increase clinical trial awareness, recruitment, and participant retention for your oncology drug trials?

Building up an efficient pre-screening process becomes an urgent task for companies to

  1. connect with potential participants;
  2. keep them engaged through the trial onboarding pre-screening process;
  3. accelerate the patient enrollment process.

The AIM-HI Accelerator Fund (AIM-HI) is launching a new tool, collaborating with our partner GoMo Health, that makes cancer clinical trial recruitment and engagement easier for drug developers and study sponsors, as well as patients and caregivers.

We have created a new online facilitating component to our mobile-based platform to help individuals identify and potentially enroll in the validated clinical trials that match their cancer conditions. Additionally, a referral coordinator can answer questions raised by cancer patients interested in the trials and guide them through an otherwise complicated pre-screening process that often makes them feel confused and helpless. All patients interested in the trial will be provided with the information and support they need through this facilitating platform. Qualified patients who passed the pre-screening process will be connected directly to trial sites to receive further information and additional support.

Benefits provided by the AIM-HI/GoMo Health recruitment platform:

  • For trial sites and sponsors:
    • Reduce time and cost to acquire and retain qualified participants;
    • Capture valuable data;
    • Attract more participating investigator sites.
  • For patients:
    • Ensure higher and stronger participant activation and resiliency through nurtured and personalized management;
    • Increase participant retention by personalized communication throughout the trial.

Learn more about how we can help your companies to increase clinical trial awareness, accelerate recruitment and increase participant retention, with the ultimate goal of saving patients’ lives.

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