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This application pertains to the AIM-HI Accelerator Fund’s upcoming Women’s Venture Competition. It is comprised of three parts (general fields, a presentation summarizing a business plan and a video), each of which must be completed and submitted before the application deadline—and that will remain confidential. The fourth and final component, a $250 entrance payment, is applicable only to selected semi-finalists and its payment is due after notification. Applications for Women’s Venture Competitions will close weeks before the event. The application cut-off date for the Summer 2020 event itself will be Friday, May 15, at 5:00 PM ET.

Note the mandatory video component of the application. These videos are to be extremely brief—in no case over three minutes—and conveyed within the application as a URL of a safe and secure Internet platform commonly and easily accessible within the United States, preferably Youtube. Public or unlisted videos are preferred. Applicants seeking to submit a privately viewable video will be required to use Youtube. Contact AIM-HI Senior Director Bradley Gillenwater at and request to be provided the organization’s username. Credible requests from verifiable sources will be responded to within 24 hours.

Submitted applications for scheduled Women’s Venture Competitions will be reviewed by a highly qualified selection committee. Selections will be made based on the quality of responses, and selected applicants will be informed in a timely manner. Among semi-finalists who are invited to participate in the pitch competition, a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 45 minutes will be allocated per company or venture team, including segue and the judging committee feedback and questioning periods, and visual presentations (such as PowerPoint) will be required. Event details, including logistics, on the Next Women’s Venture Competition can be found here.

Confidentiality agreements will be signed by all judges and others present at the event.

If the online application is not appearing in your browser below, please e-mail AIM-HI Senior Director Bradley Gillenwater at to request a PDF version, and he will respond within 24 hours.

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