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AIM-HI draws startups from the deep pipeline of NFCR funded scientists and the best-in-class global scientist-entrepreneur community.

Every year, hundreds of innovations and discoveries take place in research labs and academia around the world. Surprisingly, only a small percentage ever make it into commercial ventures. The traditional commercialization approach facilitated by university Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)  have met meager outcomes. 


AIM-HI takes a venture accelerator approach that helps the scientist-entrepreneur focus on the technology while partnering with them to provide the necessary business, financial, legal and infrastructure support from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

AIM-HI has invested in the following outstanding startups, made up of scientist-entrepreneurs and their brilliant ideas with commercial potential. Please click on each company to read more of their story.

Startup ILCT Logo


Introduction: Next-gen Interleukin-based, cancer-selective, genetic-engineered therapeutics company
Problem: GBM is the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer with a limited number of new therapies approved in the last 10 years
Opportunity: The genetic heterogeneity nature of GBM presents a great match for IL-24
Status: Drug candidate IL-24 is pre-clinical trial
InVaMet Therapeutics Logo


Introduction: Immunotherapy company with a novel, first-in-class small molecule inhibitor drug specifically targeting the pro-metastatic gene
Problem: ~90% of cancer patients die from metastatic spread in secondary locations in the body. Specifically, HCC is the most common form of liver cancer with a 5-year survival rate of 18%
Opportunity: PDZ1i has shown significant promise in animal models; small molecule drugs offer significant advantages in terms of use and cost improvement over cell-therapies
Status: Awaiting funding to start multi-intuitional Phase 1 clinical trials
OncoHeroes Biosciences Logo


Introduction: World’s first pediatric cancer therapeutic platform company
Problem: Childhood cancer is rare and has only 4 drugs approved in the last 20 years
Opportunity: Rare disease momentum including early approved regulatory path, less costs for clinical trials and rare competition are all opportunistic
Status: 1st asset in-licensing with Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is expected to close June 2020 – revenue can be expected after that
Rasio Therapeutics


Introduction: A drug design software company, spinoff from SilcsBio
Problem: Silo’ed datasets from different drugs and classes of drugs’ design processes – relevant information and insights not being utilized
Opportunity: Help biotech firms mitigate risks of focusing on a single drug or a single class of drugs
Status: Advancing a class of drugs through IND-enabling studies
Stromatis Pharma Startup Logo


Introduction: Developing antibodies to unique and unmet targets
Problem: Targeting Pancreatic, colon and lung cancers and colorectal cancer (CRC)
Opportunity: Market opportunity for drug candidate CT109 is $150M in the US, $600M globally, with a potential to surpass $2.2B
Status: Plans to submit CT109 for an IND by 4Q/2020, followed by phase I/II study in CRC patients in 2020; ongoing movements of the asset portfolio
LightWave Dx logo Oval for web page

LightWave Diagnostics

Introduction: Early cancer detection by optical biopsy and Cloud-based diagnostics
Problem: Cancer screening and early detection solutions will save lives, but for most cancers current methods are inadequate or too unsafe for regular use
Opportunity: Advances in optical biopsy technology offer safe and non-invasive methods for everyday screening of many forms of cancer as frequently as desired
Status: The USFDA has determined that LightWave Diagnostics’ optical biopsy technology can proceed to clinical investigation as a nonsignificant risk (NSR) device study without need for an Investigational Device Exemption
AngeLink Logo


Introduction: AngeLink is a new, innovative charitable crowdfunding platform targeting the emerging mobile generation with breakthrough technology that provides charities a sustainable funding model with the potential for massive scale
Problem: Only 40% of all individual social crowdfunding campaigns reach their fundraising goals and legacy systems lack validation or verification technology. AngeLink is solving these problems with a robust, patent pending platform that enables donors to share excess funds across multiple campaigns on a fully protected, safe and secure platform
Opportunity: The charitable crowdfunding market reached $38 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow nearly 10x to over $300 billion by 2025. The industry leader achieved over 50 million donors and has raised over $5 billion in donations
Status: AngeLink’s breakthrough technology is protected by 8 patent pending algorithms developed by leading technologists with a track record of success. The company’s platform is positioned to become a dominant player in the emerging, high growth space

Vitanova Biomedical

Introduction: Developing a platform therapeutic consisting of a light-activated compound which can be actively targeted to kill multiple types of cancer without causing side effects
Problem: Traditional cancer therapies are associated with unwanted side effects, negatively impacting the patient’s quality of life
Opportunity: To provide patients and their healthcare providers with a cost-effective and efficacious cancer therapeutic causing no effects
Status: Prostate cancer therapy candidate, VNBp-1, is developed and poised for preclinical IND-enabling testing
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